Uyutnenko cottages outside the metropolis on the original plans

Every man in his own life to build a house, grow a baby and need to land near their nests many trees. The problem only in that building – it is not easy. Of course, you can refer to the services of employees that will carry the usual design. For those who do not know – this is the usual pattern, which can be slightly modified, and can be left as is. Of course, we’re all human. So if possible, everyone wanted to live in a luxury cottage aforesaid differs from other typical homes. Most importantly, that it was the soul that is combined with the exterior design features that would be completely satisfied you. You read the list of our services for the construction and layout of buildings. There is a proposition that every tree has the ability to support each of its power. So out of a log house designs so in demand today. In ancient times in Russia, a huge mass of the constructions were made of real wood. Perhaps our ancestors possessed certain knowledge, but today houses made of wood are building for another reason. City, full of one million cars, factories. General ecological conditions in the state is reduced to the size of each city in which this problem is clearly expressed. Housing made of beams, built in the city, save all of the dirty environment. What is the razbrevnovka? This is a global planning of housing, which takes into account any particular tree and its properties. Accounting professionals do the walls, these should need to organize the construction of log buildings. I mean, you can buy as projects of wooden houses with a bath, and account only for an apartment or cottage. This service will help reduce the cost of field manufacturing material. That is to say an exact count of the number of building materials will contribute to you to purchase a certain amount of wood, so there was no unused material. In addition, projects with a log house implies the absence of any errors in its assembly and manufacture. As I mentioned a little above, the projects are made with full consideration of all the features of the tree. These features not only reduce the inconvenience of residence in the cottage, but also accompanied by supporting the health of the human body. To begin with, the tree has good thermal properties. I mean, in the winter cold temperature of the atmosphere in the cottage will be permanent, will remain warm. In the summer time is saved chill. Draft country houses of logs suggest any details and dimensions of the tree, and it provides no draft, among other things. However, this does not mean that your cottage is stifling. Any tree is endowed with properties of this air conditioner because of the fibrous structure. That is, during the day updated for more than 30 percent air. He, in turn, through the wood fibers and penetrates to clean the house, and the sweet smells of feasting. It should be clarified that if you want to use for the construction of round logs, the price of the project will be considerably less than the construction of concrete homes. By the way, in a wooden house walls do not require registration, which is reduce the cash cost of construction.

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